When you’re having a newborn on the way you do your best to make sure that your precious one would have everything that he/she would need when they arrive into the world. While you may have purchased everything you think is necessary without going overboard, there may also be some essential items you could have missed out on.

Diaper Cream
It may seem like an obvious thing to purchase but some new parents tend to miss out buying this beforehand and tend to keep it until it is needed. However, it is best to keep diaper cream available at home at all times since babies are easily prone to having diaper rash, especially during warm weather. Therefore, buying a bottle (or two) when you are doing your baby products shopping in advance will save your infant from developing a severe diaper rash.

Diaper Bag
A diaper bag is a must for new parents when they are travelling with their infant. In addition to purchasing diaper cream when doing your baby products shopping, you should purchase a bag which you could carry it in along with other essential items such as extra diapers, clothes and feeding bottles. Purchasing one with lots of space and compartments to store all those little essential items will end up being an investment you won’t regret.

Baby Carrier
When you are purchasing a stroller and car seat for your infant it may seem unnecessary to buy a baby carrier as well. However, most infants prefer to be close to their mother than lying down away from them in a stroller. Therefore, a baby carrier will come in handy during those first couple of months. In addition, it would take off some of the burden of carrying your little one in your arms while doing chores at the same time. Instead, you could keep your infant closely strapped to you while you get about doing your daily tasks.

Maxi Pads and Ice Packs
As important as it is to purchase the necessary items for your new born, there are some items that you will need for yourself postpartum. It is normal for new mom to experience heavy bleeding three to five days after giving birth, therefore it is important that you stock up on maxi pads so you are prepared. In addition, it will be useful to keep some ice packs which will help to numb any soreness you may experience and if you have undergone C-section, for the incision site.