If you want to label a certain object, in order to prevent it from being claimed by someone else, there is no easier thing to do than to buy a sticker and slap it across the object you want to protect. However, things tend to get slightly more complicated when it comes to fabric items and clothing. These items will occasionally need to be thrown into the washing machine or dryer, and the sticker simply won’t be able to stand that kind of a treatment. When you want to label your clothing, you would need to use a different approach to ensure that the label is going to stay intact and visible at all times. Enquire here if you want to learn more types of labels you can use.

You can’t use stickers to put on clothes

As opposed to the plastic stickers, that simply need to be pressed against the surface, clothing labels need to be applied slightly differently. Since they are not adhesive, you will need to either use the clothing iron, or a sewing machine, in order to attach the label to the clothing, without risking that it will become detached at some point. You can also use a needle and some thread to sew the label into the apparel, but some sorts of fabric are harder to puncture with a needle than others.

There are certain types to be used for different types of clothing

While clothing labels are meant for all kinds of apparel, there are some kinds that are used specifically for certain clothing pieces. There are separate labels used to mark socks, jeans and shirts. There are no labels of this kind you could use for footwear, so if you are looking to label your shoes, you may have to settle for purchasing an adhesive sticker. You may have to take them off before you wash your shoes, but they are definitely going to be able to perform the task just as well. Make sure that you look for a smaller size and if possible, try going for a circular shape.

Always go for the sewing labels first

If you are faced with choosing between the iron on and sew in label, you should probably stick with the sewing. Some of the labels that are supposed to be applied with the use of the clothing iron are often going to become disfigured or damaged in some way almost right away. Sewing them in may require some effort, but at least you will be able to make sure that the labels you have attached to your apparel are going to stay tightly intact for a long time. Always buy at least one extra, to have it in case something should go wrong with the one you already have. For all you know, you may be able to get a discount for buying multiple pieces.