If anyone ever says to you the Orchard toys are the best, they are not referring to some game that sends the children out into the nearest orchard picking fruit and basically being used as slave labour, they are referring to a company that makes assorted games and puzzles that are aimed at providing fun educational experiences. This company is based in England and what was originally an idea that popped up over the kitchen table has now been a reality for the last forty years and is still a business that knows all of its employees and works closely with them every day in the small factory where everything is manufactured.

This does not mean that there has not been vigorous well researched and tested play money Australian, it is not some back alley job that has more rats than workers. Early childhood development teachers are consulted so that the products have the best chance at providing the best learning experiences and the toys are vetted through actual children before being approved for production. This way each toy or puzzle will have to stand up to the exacting standards of the young today, many of which have the attention span of a goldfish and as much motivation as a sloth. If the item in question can produce smiles and laughter, achieves the educational goal it was created for and is aimed at the appropriate age group, then the toy will go into large scale production and distributed.

Not only does this company look to enhance child development by educational toys online in Australia but they aim to work closely with the aims of the educational system, so that these games can be used in care facilities and schools as part of the lesson plans, using play as a valuable learning experience. This also makes children eager to be in the school environment and it is not such a chore to be learning something new, it provides an outlet of knowledge for children that might not necessarily be able to learn in the usual manner.

This will give them the skills they need to move on up to the next grade and keep them calm and relaxed whilst they are gaining that knowledge. Not every child is built to sot at a desk and retain the lessons that are regurgitated at them, they become restless because they don’t understand and are easily distracted, learning through play enables these kids to pick up facts without realising that is what is happening. It can also give the teacher a much needed break from handling what might be a very difficult child to teach and they then get to spend some time with other kids in the class. This may not have been the aim of the company to begin with but you can guarantee that teachers will use every available resource and make it work harder than it was ever designed to.