Head lice treatment has never been an easy task, especially to the small children. One can contact these insects from any place, at any given time. Due to the fact that these parasites are more common among the children, it is important to take preventive measures, so as to reduce the chances of lice infestation. In order to achieve this, here are some of the tips that one can follow up so as to ensure that the lice infestation is reduced:
Teach and observing good habitsIn order to reduce the chances of child infestation, it is important to instill some good habits to the child. The child should be taught on how to maintain hygiene on the personal effects. By this means that the he or she should be taught on how not to share:
 Combs and brushes Towels Headsets Ear-buds Scarves ad coats Hats and helmets
Head to head contactWhen kids are in the field playing, it is inevitable to prevent head to head contact. As such, the children should be cautioned against such games with friends and classmates. The same case should also be applied when it comes to the children- adult games. Alternatively, one can use an electric nit comb after every head contact, so as to reduce the chances sustaining the nits on the head of the child. Such appliances enable one to detect if the child is infested or not.
Space it outLice cannot fly or jump. In the natural order to counter such shortcomings, lice have adapted to travel at a very high speed. As such, it is important to consider spacing out belongings, so as to reduce the chances of crawling and providing a favorable environment for lice breeding. Drawers, closets, lockers and common clothing hook should be separated from one person to another. This reduces the chances of lice infestation in the entire project.
Immediate actionOnce there are signs and symptoms of lice infestation, it is important to take necessary precautions, so as to contain the infestation before more nits are hatched. There are numerous head lice products, from where one can procure with the aim of containing the situation. However, it is important to ensure that the directions are followed to the latter, for efficient results.
Learn moreApart from different lice treatment methods, it is important to allocate some time, so as to learn more about the lice infestation. There are numerous myths behind these insects, and the best way is to learn more about how to curb them. Reading such information enables one to understand their lifestyles and hence in a better position to counter them, whenever signs and symptoms are detected.
Lice can infect anybody. To the boys, the best way to reduce the chances of infestation is by keeping short hair, while for the girls is by establishing simple principals on personal belongings.If not responded on time, apart from scratching of the scalp, there are other effects such as fever. It also reduces the concentration in class, and hence affecting the academic merits of the child.